Saturday, 6 October 2007

PJ spokesman and chief investigator accused of mocking Madeleine's parents

The PJ former spokesman for Madeleine's case, Olegário de Sousa and its chief investigator, Gonçalo Amaral, were today accused by Sharon Hendry, from The Sun, of “mocking the harried parents” of Madeleine McCann, while in the middle of a lunch, at Carvi restaurant, near the police headquarters in Portimão. The newspaper wrote that both detectives were having lunch – a story broken by David Brown, from The Times – when the McCann were flying to Berlin and Amsterdam appealing “for help in the hunt for Maddie.”

“The two man asked for the TV to be turned up before mocking the harried parents”, wrote Sharon Hendry, who accuses also Gonçalo Amaral of regular “booze-fuelled” lunches “ featuring white wine and his favourite Sagres lager (...) followed by Amaral driving home in his blue Volvo.”

The “hard-drinking (...) hapless plod” and “crumpled copper who looks like a seedy character from a bad detective movie”, according to Sharon Hendry, who was “a real-life villain” to Madeleine's family, “has been demoted a rank — down to inspector.” Sharon Hendry also accuses the main investigator of Madeleine's case of having received “252 possible tip-offs about Madeleine’s disappearance — many of which had allegedly not been followed.” For the journalist of The Sun, Gerry and Kate McCann “will no doubt find a grim satisfaction in the news that Amaral has been removed from the case.”

The story of the two-hours lunches was first published by David Brown, from The Times, who wrote:”The party (Amaral and Olegário) shared a bottle of white wine and there was what appeared to be a bottle of whisky on the table during the lunch, which lasted almost two hours.” Quoting a fellow dinner, David Brown said that Olegário de Sousa and Gonçalo Amaral “asked for the Portuguese TV news to be switched on and sat at the table watching it (...) Madeleine’s parents had given a press conference in Berlin . . . The police were laughing and joking among themselves while it was on. They seemed to be sharing some sort of in-joke.”


2nd said...

What do you have to say now Mr. Reis for you precious Gonçalo Amaral? You should be embarrassed that you defend him.

sonias said...

i have to say that the mccanns hae everyone, eating out f their hands!!

justice for maddy