Friday, 5 October 2007

Is Mr. Rogério Alves cooperating with a farce? No, of course not!

All the British Media claims that the McCann could go to jail if they talk about Madeleine's disappearance or if they gave interviews. That's the Portuguese Secrecy Law, they say. They can't go the Barbara Walters Show, because they can be prosecuted and put in jail. But that is not truth. OK, it is the normal manipulation of information, with almost all British Media following the tips of Mr. Clarence Mitchell.

But when I read that this information has came from the McCann legal team, I was worried. And my first thought was to pick up the phone, call the “Ordem dos Advogados” (the Portuguese Bar) and ask to talk with its Chairman, Mr. Rogério Alves. Then, I remembered that the lawyer Rogério Alves was hired by the McCann and is one of the members of the McCann legal team.

As the chairman of the Portuguese Bar and the McCann lawyer Rogério Alves are the same person, I decided not to call the chairman of the Portuguese Bar, to ask him for a comment about what I thought could be a farce and a manipulation.

Because I am wrong! This is not, for sure, a manipulation and a farce! This is truth, the McCann can't give interviews of go to a TV show and talk about Madeleine's disappearance, or they will go to jail. I can't believe that, with the lawyer Rogério Alves as a member of the McCann legal team, this same legal team could be the source of a false information. The chairman of the Portuguese Bar will never allow it and he would correct that information, quickly.

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