Saturday, 29 September 2007

Morocco, colateral damage in the Madeleine case

Aujourd’hui Le Maroc
Morocco, collateral damage in the Madeleine case
By Driss Ajbali

A picture taken by a couple of tourists reinforced the Moroccan clue. “We can see, in the picture, a ‘Chamalia’, dressed in the local colourful clothes and with a large hat, a small child in her back. Nothing strange in that area, unless for the eyes of a foreigner.”

“But the small child is blonde. And all Arabs, everybody knows, have black hair. What does a a blonde girl in an area well know for its drug traffickers and Mafia groups? At last, it’s found that the supposed Maddie is called Bouchra. And she is blonde and Moroccan. How appearance can be mischievous and, when prejudice is also present, it can produce such an accusation!”

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