Saturday, 29 September 2007

Madeleine may be “in the hands of a gang of Moroccan traffickers”

NEW THEORY: Madeleine may be with known criminals
Saturday September 29,2007
By Nick Fagge and Martin Evans

“MISSING Madeleine McCann may be in the hands of North African people smugglers. Police in Morocco, investigating a reported sighting, believe they have identified a link with a ruthless gang of traffickers.”

“A nationwide hunt has been launched for the smugglers who operate between North Africa and Spain, ferrying people – and tons of marijuana – into Europe each year. The breakthrough came a few weeks after Madeleine went missing when a Spanish tourist reported seeing a blonde girl matching her description being dragged along by a scruffy, Arab-looking woman in the town of Zaio.”

The sighting was immediately dismissed by Portuguese police, who believe the little girl is already dead. But when details were passed to the Moroccan secret police, a major hunt was launched by the anti-smuggling task force (...)”

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