Friday, 28 September 2007

“Judge” Branson has already decided, we can go home

How stupid we are! Judges, courts, trial, police, investigations? For what? Mr. Richard Branson knows better! Sorry, Your Honnor, “Judge” Richard Branson, of course...

Daily Mail
“The McCanns are innocent” declares Sir Richard Branson
Last updated at 10:22am on 28th September 2007

“Sir Richard Branson has said he believes the McCanns are innocent and has pledged to give the couple further support if they need it. He has already donated £100,000 to the GPs, who are both aged 39, in a bid to help them clear their names. The boss of the Virgin empire, who has spoken on the telephone to the McCanns regularly, said he believed the McCanns were innocent and described their experiences as a "grotesque nightmare (...)"

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