Thursday, 27 September 2007

Congratulations to “Correio da Manhã” !!!

Three days after we published the story about Police investigations in Spain, with some detail, the Portuguese daily “Correio da Manhã” managed to discover exactly the same story. That's what I call a good journalism. Pity it wasn't before me and my colleague Duarte Levy have published it. Anyway, my congratulations to Henrique Machado, Tânia Laranjo, and a special one to João Saramago.

They performed a hard investigative work, surfing the Net for more than 10 minutos. Special thanks to João Saramago are due to the fact that we worked together, years ago. It' always good to see that a former colleague didn't forget who I am.

Special congratulations to the editor of “Correio da Manhã”, Octávio Ribeiro, whom I know since more than 20 years, when he was just a young man in his 20's (I was a journalist at Rádio Renascença) and none of us imagined that he would be, one day, a journalist.

Paulo Reis

PS – Here are some other breaking news we published and “Correio da Manhã” hasn't yet published. You just have to translate it, guys. And if you don't feel at ease with English, just go to my partner's page, SOS Madeleine, you have it in French, there. Or just look at our page in Portuguese, “Notícias da Europa”.

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slyfox said...

Well said, Paulo.

Keep up with the excellent journalism.

SOD the S.O.B's