Saturday, 14 July 2007

Toscano’s interview with “SOS Madeleine”: “Bernard Alapetite should be questioned by Portuguese and Spanish CID”

After delivering some documents to Portuguese CID officers at Police headquarters in Portimão and spending almost 15 minutes in the bathroom, the Spanish “investigative journalist” Antonio Toscano went out and told the Press that those documents contained new elements to reinforce his theory that Madeleine McCann is alive and well, with people that is part of the “logistics” of a person known in European paedophile circles as “El Francés”.

Antonio Toscano was interviewed by “SOS Madeleine”, a French blog, and said that he “never identified ‘El Francés’ as Bernard Alapetite", an adult movies producer who was sentenced, in 2000, to three years in jail for selling copies of pornographic movies with children, bought at an Eastern European country. Anyway, Antonio Toscano thinks that Bernard Alapetite “should be questioned by Portuguese and Spanish criminal Police about Madeleine McCann abduction”.

The Spanish “investigative journalist” said also that Mr. Bernard Alapetite is protected, in France, by people in high-ranking positions, who are his “clients”. The “important documents” Toscano gave to Portuguese CID have information about a paedophile ring, based at “Bar España”, in Benicarló, Castellón, a small city North of Valencia, Spain. Those documents, as Toscano told to the blog “SOS Madeleine”, connect the person he refers as “El Francés” to rape and sexual abuse of children - an accusation made in 1997 by a Toscano's friend, Reinaldo Colás Navarro, who identified "El Francés" as Bernard Alapetite. Spanish criminal police investigated the case and considered the accusations as groundless.

Antonio Toscano has been claiming, since June 8, when he was interviewed by Virginia Lopez, a journalist from the Spanish daily “El Mundo”, that he knows the identity of the kidnapper of Madeleine. In several contacts with Clarence Mitchell, the previous spokesman for McCann family, and Portuguese CID, Toscano always refused to give a precise identification of the alleged kidnapper. Two weeks ago, he went to Portugal, after asking to Portuguese CID to be heard, as a witness, in the crime investigation of Madeleine’s abduction.

After the hearing, the national head of Polícia Judiciária, Alípio Ribeiro, told journalists that the information given by Toscano wasn’t considered credible by Portuguese Police

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