Monday, 9 July 2007

Martin Brunt comes alive (and Frankenstein Junior is with him...)

The scene I remember better from Frankenstein Junior (the title of the movie, in Portuguese) is when the ugly result of Dr. Fronkensteen (don’t' get it wrong, or you make him furious: it's Fronkensteen, not Frankenstein!) experiences and the blonde Inga discover love and passion and do what mankind has been doing for many years. Than, at the end, F. Junior lights two cigarettes and gives one of them to his recently found love.

But I'm afraid that not even a superb scientist like dr. Fronkensteen, with the help of his loyal Igor, would be able to produce a “Crime Expert” like Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas, a former police detective who has been at Praia da Luz, according to the report of Martin Brunt – the man who wrote that most news published by Portuguese Press about Madeleine's abduction are best described as "culhoes" (*).

I thought that, after leaving Praia da Luz, Mr Martin Brunt would like to forget this very unpleasant experience – a couple of weeks spend in a third world country, populated by a strange people, with traditions so peculiar like its secrecy law (exactly the same as in Holland). And I thought also that Mr Martin Brunt would be very happy to be working again with the talkative and loquacious British Police.

But Mr. Martin Brunt seems to have a case of hate-love with Portugal. He can't forget us. Mr. Martin, you can be sure we will never forget you. I and a couple of Portuguese journalists, prolific producers of “culhoes”, as you wrote).

So, Mr Martin Brunt, who is a good example of that pack of howling blood-thirsty British tabloid journalist, willing to kill, or let someone be killed, to have a story, comes alive. Science is a wonderful thing! He brings with him a ““Crime Expert”” that “calls for a case review”, in Madeleine's abduction. Mr. “Crime Expert” has been at Praia da Luz “in the days after Madeleine was abducted.”

How many days after that, Mr. Crime Expert? More than one, I'm sure, or Mr Martin would not use the word “days”. Two? Three? More than that? Hummm.... And why does Mr. Crime Expert calls for a review of the case? “He is critical of the way Portuguese police began their investigation”. Really? Well, you are not alone, Mr. Crime Expert. Thank to the inaccurate, baseless and culturally biased coverage made by most British Media, I'm sure around 55 million British citizens should think the same.

“My initial observation was that the crime scene was poorly preserved - there was no one securing the patio doors, which I would refer to as the point of entry.” - Mr “Crime Expert” told Martin Brunt.

Can I ask a couple of question? Madeleine's mother realized she was missing around 10:00. For almost one hour, dozens, may be more than one hundred people (friends of McCann's couple, other guests, resort staff, people passing by... ) come inside and out of the building and the apartment, through the same patio and entry door, searched in the surrounding area, before calling police, at the Lagos precinct, at 22h50 pm, May 3 2007. So, when a Police patrol arrived, 12/15 minutes after that, crime scene has been “polluted” by many dozens of persons. Alarm was raised to CID headquarters at Portimão and they took some time to arrive at the crime scene (Only CIS has staff everywhere and they can put a team at any crime scene in 25 seconds).

But, Mr. “Crime Expert”, would you be so kind to share with us the precise time when crime scene was secured? I'm sure you know it, because you said “there was no one securing the patio doors”. How many days after Madeleine did you see that? At what time?

“The inner cordon was very close to the apartment, within 30 yards. I would have put the inner cordon 100 yards away. There are limitations to that because there's a shop nearby and there are apartments so some of the cordon might be less than that. But it should have been at least 50 yards.”

So, Mr “Crime Expert”, let me see if I understood what you said: The inner cordon was very close, it should be at 100 yards, but there are limitations to that so it “should have been at last 50 yards”...

“That's because whoever has taken Madeleine has been into the apartment and has gained access via the roads leading to the apartment and directly outside it. There could be a whole load of possible pieces of evidence that could be obtained from that area, such as DNA from various objects or tyre tracks.

Tyre tracks from an asphalted road that goes to the only supermarket in the Praia da Luz, as other shops are simple “mama and papas hops”? I have no doubt you were at Praia da Luz, as you say. But you should have taken a few pictures, to remember the area. There was no possibility – as you admit – to close this road.

“Having been there for a few days it became clear that there was no process of stopping and questioning people who are living in the area or visiting it (…) The significance of this is that there are people who may hold vital clues that have seen someone acting suspiciously or may have seen something suspicious.

This is an almost obscene lie, Mr. “Crime Expert”. Several British journalists wrote that, in the morning of May 4, CID officers were knocking at the doors of Ocean Club apartments, questioning guests, and so on. Why do you say that Portuguese CID failed to do a basic thing, when a crime is commited?

“There's a supermarket that is the only one in the village and it's a place that the offender or offenders could have gone into and bought some drinks or food (…) They should have been stopping and speaking to everyone who went into that supermarket. I went in there every day and I never saw a police officer asking any questions.

Sorry, Mr. “Crime Expert”, how many days have passed after Madeleine’s abduction when you were at Batista Supermarket? How do you know that police hasn’t questioned employees and clients of that supermarket?

“Unfortunately for the police, although the supermarket has CCTV, it was broken two weeks prior to the offence. Otherwise that might have held vital evidence (…) CCTV has played such a prominent part in police investigations in the UK. The streets around Praia Da Luz don't have CCTV cameras unfortunately.”

Right, Mr. “Crime Expert”. Do you have an ID Card? No, of course! ID Cards are considered a violation of citizen’s fundamental rights, in UK. I have an ID Card, just like my wife and my two sons. The 10 million inhabitants of Portugal have ID Cards. But our law is very strict about CCTV cameras in public places. We consider that a violation of one of our fundamental rights, the right to privacy. So, CCTV cameras in Portugal are allowed only at private properties (lie a supermarket or a gas station) and in public places where they are needed for security reasons – like in both bridges over river Tejo, in Lisbon, and in some highways.

“I didn't see any house-to-house inquiries being done which is vital because, again, they are the people living and staying in these apartments. They become the eyes and ears of police in a major investigation and can hold a vital piece of the jigsaw.”

Another obscene lie. May be you didn’t saw it because you were at Praia da Luz five or six days after Madeleine was abducted and that job has been already done. But if you read what Mark Oliver wrote for the Guardian, and what Mr. John Hill, manager of Ocean Club, told to the Press, you will realize that what you say is complety false. The reason why you say that, is a mistery, for me. Are you a compulsive liar? Or are you just a “Portuguese bashing” expert, instead of a “Crime Expert”?

“There was also no appeal. When you make comparisons to the British police, the media strategy is an integral part of any major investigation.”

Listen, Mr. “Crime Expert”, why don’t you try to get some information, before saying things so absurd? There was no need for a public appeal because child abduction are so rare in Portugal, that all Portuguese newspapers and magazines had Madeleine’s face in the front page, for weeks. TV news bulletins opened with the news of her disappearance, for almost two weeks.

“The laws in Portugal are very different to Britain's - the police conduct their investigations in secrecy and provide very little information as to the inquiries they are making.”

Sorry, Mr. “Crime Expert”, but this is sheer stupidity! I never heard British Police talk about details of the investigation of “Soham Murders”! British Police conducts their investigation in secrecy and they provide very little information about ongoing crime investigations. Give me an example that what I am saying isn’t truth!

“But at this stage it will be important for them to take stock and even ask for an external review. They need to take experts from outside the investigation, possibly from Britain or America, to undertake the review (…) This isn't about apportioning blame or criticism in relation to the investigation. It's about looking at possible lines of inquiry with a fresh pair of eyes.

Mr. “Crime Expert”, this is pure racism! When British police does this second review, do they call foreign police forces to do it, or do they call other department of British Police?

(*) One the most obscene words in Portuguese language, meaning “testicles” (something I wouldn't say in the row seats reserved for the supporters of my football team – Sporting Clube of Portugal – because of a stolen penalty, as quite a lot of ladies and children go to see the matches…)


Tom said...

Paulo !
did you read the blog of M.Brunt today. It is really unbelieveable. He wrote, that he got a letter this morning.

For weeks I've been bombarded with emails and letters offering often precise details about Madeleine McCann's whereabouts. One included map co-ordinates of the place she could be found.

Others traced the route her abductor used to whisk her away from Praia da Luz to a cave, warehouse, villa, apartment and so on.

Most of the stuff comes from clairvoyants, psychics, healers or people who claim simply to have had a dream. You get the picture.

One arrives this morning which, for one reason or another, grabs my attention. It actually names the man who snatched Madeleine, a wealthy Englishman (not Robert Murat).

The neatly typed letter - makes a change from spidery green ink - also names his accomplice and gives details of the car in which the girl was driven away.

There are addresses and countries to which Madeleine was flown over the next few days. The airlines used are named, too.

The letter writer states, vaguely, the house where Madeleine is now being held...not far from a major European capital. Her kidnappers are lying low, but intend to move her again.

Apparently, all this has been sent to the McCann family in Portugal. I wonder what they make of it? Because I don't have a clue what it means. And I'm not sure what I am supposed to do with the "information".

Is this guy crazy??? The first thing he did is to write this in his blog and asks his reader what he should do now.


Anonymous said...

well guys, i read a lot of forums and news papers on Madeleine McCann case, but i just cant understand, this people, dont they understand that other countries work in diffrent style, omg what slefloveable ppl, their police is the best their journalist are the best, their psychics are the best oh my, how come they didnt find her bye now if they are so over the moon. they dont even know what portugese police is doing, how come noone new for arrest that happend in spain if they are so good ( even thou this supposably connected with MM case)
i agree with you Paulo, oh my how we would live in perfect worl if we would only do EVERYTHING AS UK PPL DO! dont u feel stupid and ashamed that u arent one of them. pffffttttttttttt
all they do is accuse ppl, with no grounds to it, Best regards , keep up the good work paulo. As u guessed not a uk resident

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, I am a UK resident and I can tell you we are not all like Brunt, nor critical of the very difficult job the police have to do. Most of us are very grateful that the Portuguese police are throwing everything at this investigation, which seems to be a difficult one, as we don't know who is 'pulling the strings'. Keep up the good work in Portugal-we are grateful for all you are doing in your beautiful country and awaiting reports. Can't believe the Martin Brunt report myself-what is he like! These media people are like animals just whipping up hysteria. Good on the police in your beautiful country. We hope they have good news. Many of us mothers light candles online every night and pray that the people with the skills will find our little girl. As for the animals who do this kind of thing, I hope there is real punishment in this and the next life.Such people are a human sub species and really ought not to be free, ever.

Anonymous said...

British are the most insecure and racist people in the world. They are racist even when they are simple guests in another country.
I would hate being black in England.

Anonymous said...

British are the most insecure and racist people in the world. They are racist even when they are simple guests in another country.
I would hate being black in England. I imagien this is too much for the most racist people in the world.

Anonymous said...

" A glory day to this gentleman, an "expert","( yes,some """") in a portuguese tv. So,all people now they saw his face.!"the expert" face.