Friday, 27 July 2007

"Enfants Kidnapés": Antonio Toscano "not credible"

A Portuguese CID sources quoted by the blog SOS Madeleine considers that “Antonio Toscano just wants to promote himself” and the information he delivered to Police, on June 27, “has no relation with Madeleine's abduction”. Toscano's information, according to the same source, “were not useful to the investigation”. Another French blog, dedicated to kidnapped children – "Enfants Kidnappés" – published a warning about Mr. Antonio Toscano, with a large picture of the “investigative journalist” and the words “Non credible” (“Not credible”) stamped over the image. The blog considers that “Mr. Toscano didn't hesitated in using the tragedy that strucked McCann family to promote himself. Because of this, “Enfants Kidnappés” decided to stop publishing any reference about Mr. Toscano.”

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