Saturday, 14 July 2007

"El Mundo" story about a blog that "defends Madeleine kidnapper" - Help from anybody living in Spain?

It seems that “El Mundo” has published a story (July 12) about a blog that “defends Madeleine’s kidnapper” and refers “Gazeta Digital”. That story is available only to subscribers. I really need to know what they wrote and if it was about me and my blog. And I am very curious about that, as “El Mundo” was the newspaper that first published an interview with Antonio Toscano, the “investigative journalist” who Portuguese CID national director called a non-credible source of information, in what concerns Madeleine McCann abduction, after Polícia Judiciária questioned him as a witness, at his own request.


marion said...

Hi Paulo, sorry I don't speak spanish but will check to see if we have a link to the article in our proboard forum. If not good luck tracing that one. We have not heard anything in our translations re El Mundo by the way.

Regards, Marion (UK)

marion said...

Paulo link below which mentions you
if you scroll down to 13.07.07 this is in relation to Murat being investigated re talking to SKY! Will keep checking for the El Mundo story.

Sorry if you alreayd seen this one!

annet said...

Paulo, as I have been critical too, I have found another piece of information to you on anorak. It is about Antonio Toscano. I have asked you questions about this man too, but you did not answer.

I have copied/paste the article, out of the anorak. It seems that Alias is a journalist abroad for Spain and the UK:

" I am very impressed about your disgracefull attitude towards Mr Toscano. And not only you,but if you were told, probably by the PJ that Toscano was in the bathroom for 15 minutes, it is also showing how the PJ is coming forward to a journalist with this kind of information. THAT IS REALLY INSULTING, AND SHOWS NOT MUCH RESPECT TOWARDS PEOPLE WHO TAKE THE TIME AND EFFORT TO HELP SOLVING THE CASE OF MADELEINE MCCAN.

WHAT ARE YOU SUUGESTING? THAT THE P.J HAVE ALLREADY MADE THEIR CONCLUSIONS? Have they checked his record allready very precise and profoundly?

Does the P.J need to get rid of this Toscano?

And then, all of a sudden, the head of your police,Alípio Ribeiro, shows up telling that the case of Toscano is of less credibility.
All the time we have never heard a thing about this Ribeiro, only hear of Sousa, but , apparently,this Toscano needed some more attention, so the upper head of you police appears in public to confirm another time arround that the "toscano case" is of little credibilty. Well that is remarkable!

Really, I do hope , that british and other international investigators are allowed to go into what ever it takes, to make things clear.

What I do not understand Paulo, is why are you, as a respectable, critical and objective journalist, not trying to get an interview with this Toscano? And ask him for his MOTIVATIONS, instead of accusing him for hoaxer, Based on what? The poor information on your blog?

I am sorry Paulo, that I come forward to you on this manner, but if only you would give some answers. I find it difficult, reading your critism all over about my english collegeas, But if someone is critical on you, you do not even take the decency to give an answer..?

Best regards, Alias

Anonymous said...


I research every newspaper article and blog source each day and every day. I did notice (with some disappointment) that Anorak referred to you as "their reporter" - I think 12th July.

Up until that point I had thought you were freelance - and not satirical in any way.

I hope that my original view of your reporting is actually correct.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the last two comments.It seems that is the real Toscano writing... one of his “friends” ? of it? Paulo, you spoke about the El Mundo - I read the newspaper and there is a Virginia Lopez speaking about a french blog... Is she making a campaign for Toscano ? I know that blog and I know the guy who wrotes there because he works for a french newspaper. If he says that the frenck was in Paris, that means that He was really there.
I believe that pedofilia rings exist, I believe that this Frenchman has a past, what I do not know is from where “is coming” this Toscano? Who pays him ? Who pays his travels to Portugal ? Is this a revenge against the french guy ? I would like to know what is really behind this spanish Toscano...

Mark (Madrid)

Paulo Reis said...


Good questions... I would like to have an answer for them, but I don't have it, yet.

Paulo Reis