Friday, 13 July 2007

Antonio Toscano “talked” again with Portuguese CID (in the police headquarters bathroom…)

The Spanish “investigative journalist” Antonio Toscano went to Portuguese CID headquarters in Portimão, last Wednesday, and spent less than five minutes in contact with CID officers. Toscano had contacted Polícia Judiciária, asking to be heard again, as a witness, in the crime investigation of Madeleine’s abduction, as he had more information and “important documents” to deliver to Police. Portuguese CID agreed only to receive those “documents”, Gazeta Digital was told, as the information that Toscano had given before, was not considered as credible.

After delivering the documents, Antonio Toscano asked to go to the bathroom and stayed there for almost 15 minutes, before going out and facing the journalists. Than, he told the Press he had given to PJ “documents that are evidence of the connection of a man, known in the paedophile circles as ‘El Francés’, to Madeleine’s abduction”.

Toscano was with his friend Reinaldo Navarro Colás, chairman of “Associação de Protecção de Vítimas da Corrupção Sexual Infantil de Espanha “(*) who, in 1994, filled a complaint with “Polícia Criminal” (Spanish CID), accusing a man known as “El Francés”, who he identified as Bernard Alapetite, of being the head of a paedophile network based in a bar (“Bar España”) at Castellón, a small city 100 miles North of Valencia, Spain. Spanish CID investigation concluded that the accusations were totally groundless.

Reinaldo Navarro Colás appealed the decision and Spanish Supreme Court dismissed the appeal. In 2006, Reinaldo Colás was sentenced to one year and five months in jail, after making public accusations against a local politician, Carlos Fabras, calling him paedophile and child murderer at a public meeting, in Castellón.

(*) “Association for he Protection of Victims of Child Sexual Corruption of Spain” – We couldn’t find, until know, clear evidence of the activity of this association. Today, we requested to “Direcció General de Dret i d'Entitats Jurídiques”, a government body of “Generalitat de Catalunya” (Catalunya Autonomous Government”) information about the registration of this association, wich is required by law.

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