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Time for “Questions & Answers” (I)

I received a lot of emails, asking me many interesting questions about Madeleine McCann case. I try to answer to all of them, and I think that's fair to share all of this information with other readers. So, I start what may be called a new “section”, “Questions & Answers”, where I will post what people asks me and what I answer. Some of them told me I can publish their names, others don't want it. So, I decided not to identify those who send me specific questions.


QUESTION: What is it about this Antonio Toscano? If he is so sure about the abductor of Madeleine, why does he not mention any information to the family? Have you heard anything recently? And do you think this journalist Antonio Toscano is right about his information?


ANSWER: Check this link:
SPECIAL REPORT - Antonio Toscano, the real face of an hoaxer
Spanish CID (Policia Judicial): “We don’t know Mr. Toscano”
(07:06, June 17 – 2007)

Mr. Toscano claimed, in a interview with another Spanish daily, he was “a collaborator of Spanish CID Special Task Forces against organized crime, namely for satanic groups – Spanish Police denies it, and they don’t even have any task force for those satanic groups, as they aren’t considered a police problem, in Spain..)

Clarence Mitchell, spokeswoman from McCann family, received a phone call from Toscano. She told him if he knew something he should go to Police. He refused and said he needed to talk with the McCanns… Mr. Toscano is a “disturbed person, with a special inclination to confabulate”, according to a lawyer who had professional contacts with him, and he is obsessed with a “international network of satanic groups that is taking control of the world”, according to another source who interviewed him (a Spanish journalist).

One of the theories of Mr. Toscano – in a interview dated from 2000 - is that Satanic groups, in Spain, perform rituals that include the sacrifice of babies – bought by half a million pesetas, from poor families, to whom the members of the satanic groups promise to adopt the babies.
Another interesting theory of this journalist is about the existence of a satanic group in Marbella - “Satán Hispanis”, “Spanish Satan” - that “operates just like we can see in the movie 'The Seventh Door', from Roman Polansky.”This group only accepts millionaires as members, like in the Polansky movie.


QUESTION: Have read everywhere that Portugal is known for a very big paedophile network in upper classes and very influenced people at high positions? Is that maybe why it is that every lead ends up in nothing?

ANSWER: The “Casa Pia Case” in now on trial, and nothing indicates that it ends up on nothing – on the contrary, evidence against most of the accused is piling up. There is no “influent at high positions” among the accused. There was a former minister who was a suspect, when the investigation started. But the accusations were totally groundless.

About “very big paedophile network in upper classes and very influenced people at high positions”, there is an Ambassador (and no doubts, from many people, that he is guilty) and a famous TV presenter (a lot of doubts, of contradictory evidence, about him, known from more than 20 years as a man crazy for women, four marriages, and so on..) and that’s all.

The case got a political impact, when one of the witnesses – later, he was dismissed as a witness, because of his mental health and obsession to confabulate – accused the leader of the Socialist Party, Ferro Rodrigues, the President of the Portuguese Parliament, Mr Jaime Gama (also a Socialist Party high ranking member) and Paulo Pedroso (Labour minister at the time) of participating at a orgy with young boys (himself included..), and drugs.

The statement of this witness (I read a copy of it, and it was quoted all over the Portuguese Press and some English language Press) said that while the President of the Portuguese Parliament, Mr Jaime Gama was sodomizing a boy, the leader of the Socialist Party, Ferro Rodrigues, was shooting the scene with a video camera. And then they changed position: Mr. Ferro Rodrigues started to sodomize the boy, and Mr Jaime Gama took the camera and keep shooting while the Labour Minister, Mr Paulo Pedroso, was doing something I don’t mention to another boy...

This statement was not accepted by the court, after a cross examination of the boy by magistrates of The Criminal Court and psychiatric reports that concluded the boy had emotional and mental disturbance. But it was enough to destroy their political careers and make very good headlines all over the world.

And now, all of this information about Casa Pia Case is being published again by British tabloids - but distorted, manipulated or incomplete - to slander a country that, according with Christine Beddoe, director of ECPAT UK's ("Protecting Children Everywhere", a UK NGO) in a interview with Portuguese weekly "Sol”, "was never referred, in international reports (about child trafficking) as a 'source or destiny of children (trafficking)".
In this link, you can find around 40 stories about the case, published by Público, in Googlinglish (Translated with the help of Google..):


QUESTION: And what I am very curious about, is whether the family is fully in trust with the Portuguese police.

ANSWER: I was at one of the Press Conferences of McCann family, at Praia da Luz (can see pictures from that Press Conference here). Mr. McCann said they were “receiving as much information, from Portuguese Police, as they will receive, from British Police, had Madeleine disappeared in UK”. He also said he trusted completely in Portuguese Police. When the couple was in Berlin, one or two weeks ago, at another Press Conference, Gerry McCann “had made it clear he was confident police were doing all they could to find Madeleine. During a live broadcast that morning he had said: 'We have had no doubts about the desire of the police to find Madeleine. We have witnessed their efforts first hand and they're working harder than Kate and I.'


QUESTION: “There come a lot of phone calls from everywhere,people mentioning, sightings of Madeleine, but until now nothing concrete... Do you think Madeleine is still alive?

ANSWER: I’m a journalist, I deal with information, and information is based on facts… I don’t have information that confirms or denies the possibility of Madeleine being alive or dead. Background information about this kind of cases show that if children aren’t found in a short period or time, the perspectives are pessimists. But then you have the case of Natascha Kampusch, who spend eight years in the home of her kidnapper…


QUESTION: “It looks to me, they (Portuguese Police) are very corrupt.

Sorry, but I have to answer you with a FEW QUESTIONS:

1 - Could you tell me what kind of evidence you have, to say that?
2 - Or is it just an “impression”?
3 - Based on what?
4 - Do you have the same idea about British Police, German Police, Russian Police and Burkina Faso Police?
6 - Could you explain how many of the 60 thousand Portuguese Police officers look corrupt, to you? All of them? Just a few? Most of them? Thank you.


Best regards,
Paulo Reis

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