Wednesday, 20 June 2007

A lesson to Virgina Lopez about phone calls

Dear Virgínia Lopez (*):

A few days ago, you called the phone number - (00351) 913 400 250 - that is posted at the bottom of the main page of my blogs, with a clear indication: SMS meessages only! Didn't you asked yourself why I answered the call, if that number is only for receiving SMS messages? You talked with me for a few minutes and I said what you (and your friend António Toscano) wanted to know: I was not in Praia da Luz, I was in Alcochete. Let me teach you a small trick about calling a mobile phone (or any other phone) without allowing the owner to trace the call. You buy a pre-paid phone card, look for a phone boot and you dial from there. If you had done this, I wouldn't have the slightest idea about who was calling me and I wouldn't had answered the call you made to my mobile phone...

Best regards
Paulo Reis

Update: June 21, 2007 - 05:03

(*) - Virgínia Lopez is the journalist from "El Mundo" who first "broke" the story about the "investigative journalist" António Toscano, who says he knows the name of the kidnapper of Madeleine but can't tell it to the police before doing what nobody knows exactly, as he gives different explanations to every journalist with whom he talks. Virgínia Lopez considers Mr. Toscano a "reliable journalist". I think this is normal. They should have the same classification criteria about what is a "reliable" journalist...

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