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Gerry McCann "Freudian Slip" on June 4th 2007

The fascist Judge, admirer of Mussolini, who filled 38 complaints against me (snippets of my 37 years as a journalist - I)

In 1995, I was Editor of the Portuguese daily newspaper of Macau, “Gazeta Macaense”. Mr. Farinha Ribeiras, first Judge-President of the recently set-up Macau Supreme Court, filled 38 complaints in court, against me, for defamation. The reasons were the same number of editorials, opinion columns and a “Open Letter to Mr. Farinha Ribeiras”. That judge, one week after arriving in Macau, gave a interview to local government-owned TV station, TDM.
In the interview, he said that he was a strong admirer of António Salazar, the dictator that ruled our country for 48 years with a iron-fist and a secret police (PIDE), responsible, among many other things, for the execution, in a small Spanish town near the border with Portugal, of General Humberto Delgado, a man nicknamed “The Fearless General” (“O General Sem Medo”) the exiled leader of the political groups that opposed the dictatorship. Ha said that he also admired Francisco Franco, the Spanish counter-part of Salazar, who ruled Spain for even more time.
Final touch: Mr. Farinha Ribeiras said that “Italians, even nowadays, miss Mussolini's time, because trains used to rule on schedule. In my “Open Letter”, a very polite, respectful (but ironical) text, I explained to Mr. Farinha Ribeiras that Italian trains run on schedule not by virtue of the good work of Mussolini's Government, but because their German allies just didn't accepted any delay in trains destined to Treblinka, Dachau, Birkebau or Auschwitz. Germans are a very will organized people, and the commanders of the Nazi death camps didn't like to fail to fulfill their planned daily quota of Jews and other “untermenschen” ('sub-humans', in German..) that had to be sent to the gas chambers, killed and incinerated.
Two months after Mr. Ribeiras filled those 39 complaints, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I ha lunch at home and drove my 126 cc Suzuki to the a old building where “Gazeta Macaense” has its office. It was around 4:00 pm, the usual time I started to work, to prepare next day's edition (we didn't published the newspaper on Sunday, Saturday was our day off. Than, I couldn't open the door. Something wrong with the lock, I thought. I phoned the owner of the newspaper, Macanese lawyer José Manuel Rodrigues, and told him I had to call somebody to fix the lock of the door.
No need to do that”, he replied. “I decided to close the newspaper for a 'restructuration, so you are fired. Come to my office tomorrow to settle your accounts. So, within two months, I found myself jobless, with a lawyer friend of mine, also from Angola, Pedro Redinha, defending me “pro bono”, married two years ago, with a one year-son (my son Rodrigo, the 2nd reviewer of “The McCann's War”.
A small but important detail: I was Editor of “GM” only since June 1995. From the middle of 1993 until June 1995, I was Head of News & and Information Department of Macau Government Press. Started to work there few weeks after there was a change of Governor, in Macau.
Carlos Melancia, the previous, quit after being formally charge on a court in Lisbon of corruption. Mária Soares was the Portuguese President, at the time - a great statesman, but also a cunning politician Macau had a unique situation, in the organization and balance of powers of the Portuguese Republic: it depended only from the President.
Mário Soares, who was his second term as President – and both were running smoothly, ha was a fantastic politician and mass communicator – hated Macau and everything related with that territory. “That's the only f***** shadow on my Presidency”, he used to tell to his closest friends. Because the so-called “Scandal of the Fax toMelancia” was a story newspapers had been tuning for months.
So, Soares decided to choose a Army General – the kind of soldier that only shot a G-3 machine gun during instruction, as he was from the Engineers Corp, so spend the war in the comfort of offices with air-conditioned, in Luanda, the capital of Angola. Portugal faced a colonial war, since the early 60's, in three fronts: Guiné-Bissau, Angola and Mozambique (14 years of war that ended with the April 25 Revolution in 1974, around 5.000 dead soldiers, more than 25.000 seriously injured and handicapped for the rest of that life.)
Mr. Soares gave clear instructions to General Rocha Vieira: “You have “carta branca” - meaning do whatever you need to do, but get me Macau out of the front page of the newspapers, because every time it happens, my name is there also, as I am the only person in charge.
Rocha Vieira took with him the a journalist I met years ago and would find, later, to be biggest scoundrel and scumbag I ever met in my life: Afonso Camões, who is now Editor of the second biggest daily newspaper of Macau (he was chosen for that post by the than Portuguese Prime-Minster, José Sócrates (they are friends since primary school, and remember Sócrates spend long time in jail and now is waiting for trial, because of the biggest corruption scandal of the History of Portugal.
I knew Camões, from the corridors or the Portuguese Parliament. I 1993, I was the nº 1 political reporter of Rádio Renascença, a radio was on the top place in terms of audience, in Portugal. Afonso Camões was a trainee, starting his carrer.
When ha arrived in Macau he asked to go back to Macau Government Press Office (I worked there from 1986 until 1992, first as Head of Information & News Department, than as Deputy-Director.
By the, is was that that allowed to meet and shake hands with the legend and eternal icon of USA TV journalism, Mr. Walter Conckrite, the “Voice of America”. He went to Macau, half-retired, while preparing a special report for ABC, I think, about the “Small Dragons” of Asia – Taiwan, South-Korea, Hong Kong and Macau.
Accepting the invitation of Afonso Camões to the his second-in command was the biggest mistake of my file! And is happened because I was on holidays, with my family, in Thailand when the General and a few dozen dedicated, fanatic, blindly loyal henchmen (something I only realized one year after accepting the job offer.
If I have been in Macau, during that week, obviously that I would read the first interview Afonso Camões gave to “Tribuna de Macau”. He had a killing phrase, for me, but I only found that interview 4 months after: “ More than journalists, we need militants of the national goals”, he said.
That phrase reminded me of a famous quote from Samuel Johnson, an eighteenth-century English writer and thinker: "The Nation is the last refuge of the scoundrels." It was not a phrase that attacked who was truly patriotic, who defended his country sincerely. It was an expression applied in a political context, published in a pamphlet that attacked the false patriots. Its meaning is clear: when the holders of the power, the rulers, act outside and/or against the principles and rules of a Democratic country and don't have arguments to justify their actions, they just mention the superior interests of the Nation, as was done with regularity in the salazarist regime.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

"Maddie Wikileaks": main points of PJ "secret report"

BBC was informed about the disappearance of Maddie on the night of May 3 to 4, at around two o'clock in the morning. Rachel Mampilly, who was interviewed by PJ as a witness, admitted that she had made the contact, "through someone she knew", thus making the first reporting to the Media about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
The specialized sniffer dogs of the British police gave several positive alerts for the smell of blood and of a cadaver. The blood smell was detected in the living room of the apartment, behind the sofa, next to the window of the apartment (exactly at the same place where the other dog pointed to existence of cadaver odor), according to the PJ document.
The smell of cadaver was detected "in the bedroom of the couple, in a corner, next to the wardrobe and in the living room, behind the sofa, near the window of the apartment."
A slight smell of cadaver was also detected in the backyard area, near the apartment 5A (on one of the flowerbeds). However, the dog handler pointed out that the animal's reaction showed that it was a slight odor, only.
Two pieces of McCann's clothes, a Maddie's piece of cloth and the “cuddle cat” had cadaver smell. This odor was detected "when the the 'cuddle cat' was still inside the residence where the couple was living".
The key of the Renault Scenic had positive signs from both dogs: it was detected the scent of blood and of a cadaver.
The first report from the Forensic Science Service to PJ, about the biological samples collected by the Portuguese police, mentioned a “possible match with Madeleine's DNA in some of those samples” collected in the Renault Scenic rented by the McCann couple) ".
"That match was not confirmed on the final report of the FSS, “after long and extensive analysis."
In the first 24 hours after the disappearance of Maddie, “Portuguese Police and other authorities mobilized more than 130 persons, including police officers, PJ inspectors, firemen and elements from the Civil Protection Services (...) In the next 24 hours, the number of persons mobilized was over 300.”
Several of the "Tapas 7 “refused to participate on a reconstitution of the events of the night Madeleine McCann disappeared”. PJ refers that this reconstitution "was intended to clarify a few “very important details:”
- The physical, real and effective distance between Jane Tanner, Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins, at the time when the first walked near them, which coincided with the sighting of the alleged suspect, carrying a child (...) it's highly unusual that both Gerald McCann and Jeremy Wilkins didn't saw Jane Tanner or the alleged kidnapper, despite being on a very narrow street”
- "The situation related to the fact that the window of the room where Madeleine was sleeping, with the twins, being opened, according to Kate.”
- "The confirmation of the timeline and regularity of the checking of the children”, because if it was like the witnesses [the “Tapas 7”] and the “arguidos” said, would be at least “very difficult” the existence of a situation that allowed a possible kidnapper to went inside the apartment. Also, that same alleged kidnapper “only could go through a so small window with the child on a vertical position”, different from the position that Jane Tanner mentioned she saw a man carrying a child (in the horizontal position), just outside that window.
- “What happened in the time gap between 5:30 pm (when Madeleine was last seen by people other than her parents or siblings) and the time when Kate McCann reported her disappearance (around 10:00 pm);”

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Publicação do eBook "A Guerra dos McCann"

O eBook "A Guerra dos McCann" será publicado a 22 de Abril na Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Leyaonline e Bubok . O livro é uma análise detalhada da campanha difamatória da British Media contra a Polícia Portuguesa, o coordenador da investigação de Maddie, Gonçalo Amaral e Portugal, também. A versão em Inglês será lançada no dia 29 de Abril. O prefácio é da autoria de Gonçalo Amaral.

Índice do eBook "A Guerra dos McCann"

- O almoço no restaurante “Carvi”
- O “insulto” aos McCann
- Ataques persistentes
- PJ: “Porcos”, “palhaços” e “incompetentes”
- Os ex-polícias britânicos que destruíram a reputação da PJ
- “Daily Mirror”: do elogio ao à crítica feroz em poucos dias
- As persianas arrombadas
- Gerry e Kate sózinhos à procura de Maddie
- A tese do rapto por uma rede pedófila
- Portugal, um “paraíso para pedófilos”
- Marrocos, o local ideal para albergar os raptores de Maddie
- O fenómeno dos avistamentos e testemunhas pouco credíveis
- A “inutilidade” das provas obtidas através de ADN
- Os detectives privados
- Os “localizadores” de corpos
- A “liquidação” do melhor cão-pisteiro do mundo
- Um “exército” de jornalistas em Huelva
- A falsa proposta de “plea bragain”
- “Milhares” de crianças desaparecidas em Portugal
- Uma brilhante manobra de desinformação
- O “Team McCann”
- “A Batalha perdida: Uma "Campanha Perfeita", nos Media tradicionais, completamente destruída na Internet

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A Big Event

"WE WANT A BIG EVENT TO RAISE AWARENESS that she is still missing. We would look at high-profile people who have already pledged support. IT WILL BE SOME SORT OF FOCUS AROUND AN ANNIVERSARY, to tell people that Madeleine ’s still missing. I think IT WOULD BE LATER THIS YEAR, once media attention has dropped, to bring it back up, hopefully, for a short period. IT WOULDN’T BE A ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY, IT WILL BE SOONER THAN THAT." - Gerry McCann, interviewed by Jason Groves, from the Daily Express, three months after Madeleine McCann disappeared.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Daily Mail: a newspaper with journalists or a circus with a bunch of clowns?

'Maddy was abducted and we have a suspect in mind'
Last updated at 20:19pm on 5th May 2007

“Portuguese police yesterday sealed off the three-storey block and forensic specialists fingerprinted the ground floor window of the McCanns' apartment. All airports, ports and border posts have been alerted.”
“But despite a massive search throughout the night by police, sniffer dogs and dozens of holidaymakers, there has been no sign of Madeleine, wearing white pyjamas when her parents put her to bed with twins Amelie and Sean in the bougainvillea-clad apartment (...)”

Wasted days in hunt for Maddy
Last updated at 22:22pm on 6th May 2007

“A series of blunders by Portugese police could have allowed whoever kidnapped Maddy McCann to get away unhindered.”
“(..) the Mail can reveal that: Portuguese border control were not alerted until late on Friday morning - 15 hours after Madeleine went missing on Thursday. This will have given any abductor a lengthy window in which to make good their escape, via land or sea.”
“(...) The apartment from where Madeleine was taken has not been properly sealed off. Police lines have regularly been crossed by curious passers-by who have been able to touch the shutters forced open by her abductor.”

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

More manipulation from British Press

The police investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance is refocusing on the theory that she was abducted from her bed by a paedophile (...) It emerged that Portuguese police have launched the country’s biggest ever anti-paedophile operation, raiding 75 properties where child pornography has been downloaded (...) While the raids are not being officially linked to the Madeleine inquiry, they indicate the focus of the investigation has shifted away accusations that her parents, Kate and Gerry, may have harmed the four-year-old and back to a search for a potential abductor.”

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The Times and Daily Express publish opposite versions about DNA evidence

(Click to enlarge)

David Brown and Patrick Foster wrote, in The Times, that “traces of Madeleine McCann’s DNA that were recovered from two Portuguese holiday apartments have failed to prove that she is dead. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence, detectives still believe that they were justified in making Kate and Gerry McCann official suspects in their daughter’s disappearance (...) tests carried out by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) laboratory in Birmingham have not proven that the four-year-old was killed, but the results are considered significant.”

Martin Evans, from the Daily Express, has a opposite version: “Crucial forensic evidence allegedly links Madeleine McCann’s parents to her disappearance, a source close to the case insisted last night. British DNA tests were said to indicate that Portuguese police were correct to declare Kate and Gerry McCann suspects. The source also rejected claims that the evidence found in their hire car was ‘inconclusive’. The startling turn in the investigation shocked the McCanns, who had been hoping they would soon be cleared of involvement in their daughter’s disappearance.”

The Times
October 9, 2007
Madeleine McCann evidence inconclusive
Patrick Foster and David Brown
"Traces of Madeleine McCann’s DNA that were recovered from two Portuguese holiday apartments have failed to prove that she is dead. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence, detectives still believe that they were justified in making Kate and Gerry McCann official suspects in their daughter’s disappearance. The DNA was found in their apartment at the Ocean Club resort. Samples were also found at a nearby apartment used by their friends at the same time, and from a car hired by her parents 25 days after she was reported missing. Tests carried out by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) laboratory in Birmingham have not proven that the four-year-old was killed, but the results are considered significant."

Daily Express
SHOCK: Evidence allegedly links Madeleine McCann's parents to her disappearance
Tuesday October 9,2007
By Martin Evans in Praia da Luz
"CRUCIAL forensic evidence allegedly links Madeleine McCann’s parents to her disappearance, a source close to the case insisted last night. British DNA tests were said to indicate that Portuguese police were correct to declare Kate and Gerry McCann suspects. The source also rejected claims that the evidence found in their hire car was 'inconclusive'. The startling turn in the investigation shocked the McCanns, who had been hoping they would soon be cleared of involvement in their daughter’s disappearance.”

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Manipulation and false information in the British Press


(Click to enlarge)

The Sun
Published: Today (OCTOBER 7)
A MAN dubbed “The Locator” claims to know where Madeleine McCann was taken after her apparent abduction (*)
“(...) But the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said that the McCanns have not hired Mr Krugel, and said: “We cannot comment on anything that goes to the very heart of the investigation.”
(*) This story has no author

The Mirror
Expert pin-points spot on Algarve beach
He accuses police of ignoring his report
By Nick Owens
Desperate Kate and Gerry McCann have hired a professional "bodyfinder" (Danie Krugel) who says he has pin-pointed the exact spot where their daughter Madeleine is buried.”

Saturday, 6 October 2007

PJ detectives union filled a libel suit against two British Media organizations

The head of PJ detective's union confirmed that a libel suit was filed against “two British Media organizations”, because of stories published that were considered defamatory of Poliícia Judiciária. “After we filled it, the British Media moved from attacks against the Portuguese Police to personal attacks against Criminal Coordinator Gonçalo Amaral”, said Carlos Anjos. “They are trying to undermine his credibility, either as a professional or as a individual, insulting him without even respecting his privacy and his family.” The PJ detective's union president said they were in touch with Gonçalo Amaral and, if he wants to file also a libel suit, he will have the “full support of ASFIC.”

Carlos Anjos rejected accusations from British Media about the alleged incompetence of Portuguese Police, in Madeleine's investigation, and referred the case of Rhys Jones, a 11-years-old boy who was shot on August 22: “After more than one month, British Police wasn't able to arrest his killer. In this case, they have more than a dozen witnesses, but until now they have arrested 17 suspects and they sent them free, didn't charged nobody

PJ spokesman and chief investigator accused of mocking Madeleine's parents

The PJ former spokesman for Madeleine's case, Olegário de Sousa and its chief investigator, Gonçalo Amaral, were today accused by Sharon Hendry, from The Sun, of “mocking the harried parents” of Madeleine McCann, while in the middle of a lunch, at Carvi restaurant, near the police headquarters in Portimão. The newspaper wrote that both detectives were having lunch – a story broken by David Brown, from The Times – when the McCann were flying to Berlin and Amsterdam appealing “for help in the hunt for Maddie.”

“The two man asked for the TV to be turned up before mocking the harried parents”, wrote Sharon Hendry, who accuses also Gonçalo Amaral of regular “booze-fuelled” lunches “ featuring white wine and his favourite Sagres lager (...) followed by Amaral driving home in his blue Volvo.”

The “hard-drinking (...) hapless plod” and “crumpled copper who looks like a seedy character from a bad detective movie”, according to Sharon Hendry, who was “a real-life villain” to Madeleine's family, “has been demoted a rank — down to inspector.” Sharon Hendry also accuses the main investigator of Madeleine's case of having received “252 possible tip-offs about Madeleine’s disappearance — many of which had allegedly not been followed.” For the journalist of The Sun, Gerry and Kate McCann “will no doubt find a grim satisfaction in the news that Amaral has been removed from the case.”

The story of the two-hours lunches was first published by David Brown, from The Times, who wrote:”The party (Amaral and Olegário) shared a bottle of white wine and there was what appeared to be a bottle of whisky on the table during the lunch, which lasted almost two hours.” Quoting a fellow dinner, David Brown said that Olegário de Sousa and Gonçalo Amaral “asked for the Portuguese TV news to be switched on and sat at the table watching it (...) Madeleine’s parents had given a press conference in Berlin . . . The police were laughing and joking among themselves while it was on. They seemed to be sharing some sort of in-joke.”

Friday, 5 October 2007

Is Mr. Rogério Alves cooperating with a farce? No, of course not!

All the British Media claims that the McCann could go to jail if they talk about Madeleine's disappearance or if they gave interviews. That's the Portuguese Secrecy Law, they say. They can't go the Barbara Walters Show, because they can be prosecuted and put in jail. But that is not truth. OK, it is the normal manipulation of information, with almost all British Media following the tips of Mr. Clarence Mitchell.

But when I read that this information has came from the McCann legal team, I was worried. And my first thought was to pick up the phone, call the “Ordem dos Advogados” (the Portuguese Bar) and ask to talk with its Chairman, Mr. Rogério Alves. Then, I remembered that the lawyer Rogério Alves was hired by the McCann and is one of the members of the McCann legal team.

As the chairman of the Portuguese Bar and the McCann lawyer Rogério Alves are the same person, I decided not to call the chairman of the Portuguese Bar, to ask him for a comment about what I thought could be a farce and a manipulation.

Because I am wrong! This is not, for sure, a manipulation and a farce! This is truth, the McCann can't give interviews of go to a TV show and talk about Madeleine's disappearance, or they will go to jail. I can't believe that, with the lawyer Rogério Alves as a member of the McCann legal team, this same legal team could be the source of a false information. The chairman of the Portuguese Bar will never allow it and he would correct that information, quickly.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Friend of McCann gave back the hired card

The Renault Scenic, hired by the McCanns on May 27, before they departed to Rome in the private jet of Phillipe Green, is back at the parking area of the renting car company, in Setúbal, a city near Lisbon. The contract was extender several times, the last one until September 20, but only a few days ago the friend of McCann family that took the car from the parking area of Faro, after Gerry and Kate left to UK, decided to give it back to the renting company.

How kidnappers passed Madeleine on to a “gang of Moroccans”

Daily Mail explains, on a story published on September 26, how could Madeleine have been kidnapped and delivered on the hands of a “gang of Moroccans”, as they said on a story later deleted (but still available HERE...)
Interesting reading, indeed.

Did kidnappers pass Madeleine on to Moroccans seen in the mystery picture?
Last updated at 14:49pm on 26th September 2007

Questions and Answers: How Madeleine could have ended up in travellers' clutches

How kidnappers pass Madeleine on to Moroccans seen in the mystery picture?

Questions and Answers: How Madeleine could have ended up in travellers' clutches

The small blonde girl being carried on the back of a wandering Moroccan bears a striking resemblance to Madeleine McCann. But could it actually be her?
And if so how would the four-year-old have eneded up in north Africa?

Could the photograph really be Madeleine?
The quality of the holiday snap, taken on August 31 in northern Morocco, is extremely grainy but the cut of the blonde hair has elicited enough interest for sources close to Kate and Gerry McCann to describe the picture's emergence as "a very promising lead".

Could Madeleine have been transported across the border into north Africa?
Its credibility is bolstered by three independent sightings of Madeleine in Morocco. It will now be analysed by experts from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, which has used state-of-the-art facial recognition computer software to study thousands of pictures sent in by holidaymakers in Praia da Luz.

How would Madeleine have got to Morocco?
The drive from Praia da Luz to Morocco is straightforward. It's only about 90 miles to the Spanish border, where officials were not notified Madeleine had vanished until several hours too late, and from there it is a further 220 miles to Algeciras, the main port from which ferries make the short trip across the 21 miles of the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco.

Why would Madeleine have been taken to Morocco?
Morocco is a common route for people smuggling - but going in the opposite direction with Africans being brought illegally into Europe via Spain. Hashish is also commonly smuggled into Europe this way.Quite why smugglers would take a blonde British girl into a country where she would stand out so obviously will be something British and Portuguese investigators will be wanting answers to. One theory is she was taken by a childless couple who smuggled her into Morocco but then gave her away because of the attention surrounding the case. Another may be that a gang of paedophiles took her and then gave her away.

Who are the other people in the photograph?
The group appear to be itinerant Moroccans, led by a man pushing a wheelbarrow containing several suitcases. Behind him is a young woman with a suitcase on her back, a young girl and then a woman wearing a colourful hat and scarf, with a blonde girl on her back. Two further women wearing headscarves follow. The blonde girl, with much paler skin, certainly appears out of place. But could such a group have been unnoticed in Praia da Luz and then had the cash to take her across borders to Morocco?

Why has the photograph only just surfaced?
The picture was taken on 31 August by Spanish holidaymaker Clara Torres in Zinat near Tangiers after she spotted the blonde girl among the group and thought it was odd. She only took it seriously after reading about other sightings in Morocco and contacted her local police force in Albacete near Valencia. The picture was sent to Interpol and to the McCanns' legal team, who are now studying it.

Can this photograph be related to the other sightings in Morocco?
Apart from all being in the same country, the previous sightings took place in different parts of Morocco and much earlier on in the investigation.
A Spanish woman says she saw Madeleine holding the hand of a "Muslim womanî in Zaio in the north at the end of May. On 9 May, two independent witnesses say they saw Madeleine in Marrakech, much farther south, at a petrol station.
On that occasion Madeleine was seen with a blonde woman and a darkskinned man with black hair, apparently different fromthe people in today's photograph. If the sightings are connected it would add weight to the theory Madeleine was dumped by her original kidnappers because of the huge amount of publicity the case has attracted.

What will police do now?
Portuguese detectives believe Madeleine is already dead and have suggested Kate McCann may have killed her daughter, a claim vehemently denied, so there will inevitably be suspicions they will not rush to investigate the latest sighting. The Policia Judiciaria has been accused of dragging its feet and failing to follow up leads before. The McCanns will be anxious that independent experts look at the photo as soon as possible.

Morocco, colateral damage in the Madeleine case

Aujourd’hui Le Maroc
Morocco, collateral damage in the Madeleine case
By Driss Ajbali

A picture taken by a couple of tourists reinforced the Moroccan clue. “We can see, in the picture, a ‘Chamalia’, dressed in the local colourful clothes and with a large hat, a small child in her back. Nothing strange in that area, unless for the eyes of a foreigner.”

“But the small child is blonde. And all Arabs, everybody knows, have black hair. What does a a blonde girl in an area well know for its drug traffickers and Mafia groups? At last, it’s found that the supposed Maddie is called Bouchra. And she is blonde and Moroccan. How appearance can be mischievous and, when prejudice is also present, it can produce such an accusation!”

Madeleine may be “in the hands of a gang of Moroccan traffickers”

NEW THEORY: Madeleine may be with known criminals
Saturday September 29,2007
By Nick Fagge and Martin Evans

“MISSING Madeleine McCann may be in the hands of North African people smugglers. Police in Morocco, investigating a reported sighting, believe they have identified a link with a ruthless gang of traffickers.”

“A nationwide hunt has been launched for the smugglers who operate between North Africa and Spain, ferrying people – and tons of marijuana – into Europe each year. The breakthrough came a few weeks after Madeleine went missing when a Spanish tourist reported seeing a blonde girl matching her description being dragged along by a scruffy, Arab-looking woman in the town of Zaio.”

The sighting was immediately dismissed by Portuguese police, who believe the little girl is already dead. But when details were passed to the Moroccan secret police, a major hunt was launched by the anti-smuggling task force (...)”

Daily Mirror: New suspect in stairwell

Charlotte Pennington, a very helpful nanny

Nanny Charlotte Pennington, a.k.a. Charlotte Wighton, born Charlotte Elizabeth Alice, an actress in her spare time says she saw man who was “in a small dinghy just off the Praia da Luz seafront at 11.30pm. She claims he was kicking at an object stored in the boat's hull.”

Nanny Charlotte Pennington, a.k.a. Charlotte Wighton, born Charlotte Elizabeth Alice, an actress in her spare time, said “the man was wearing a reflective yellow jacket (*) with a hood but she could not make out his face”;

Nanny Charlotte Pennington, a.k.a. Charlotte Wighton, born Charlotte Elizabeth Alice, an actress in her spare time, said “the following day she was shocked to see a man - whom she had come to know over the preceding week - wearing exactly the same distinctive jacket (*) as the man in the boat.”

Daily Mail writes that “Portuguese police are taking the sightings seriously and Miss Pennington, 20, has twice spoken to Leicestershire detectives about her evidence.”

Hummmm... Right. "Daily 'Roswell Incident' Mail"...

(*) Same yellow jackets that fishermen all over the world use...

Friday, 28 September 2007

Presidente of Portuguese Bar is missing in action

It seems that the most recent aquisition for the McCann legal team is already lost in action. That's the only reason for the fact that a so shocking manipulation of information about legal procedures is being feed to Media - the McCanns were "banned" from the Barbara Walters show, they are formal suspects, so if they go there Portuguese Police will prosecute them.

Where are you, Mr. Rogério Alves? Missing in action? Mr. Angus McBride doesn't ask you about these details, concerning Portuguese Law? Dont' tell me that they just hired you to help carry those large bags with documents that lwayers take to court...

“Judge” Branson has already decided, we can go home

How stupid we are! Judges, courts, trial, police, investigations? For what? Mr. Richard Branson knows better! Sorry, Your Honnor, “Judge” Richard Branson, of course...

Daily Mail
“The McCanns are innocent” declares Sir Richard Branson
Last updated at 10:22am on 28th September 2007

“Sir Richard Branson has said he believes the McCanns are innocent and has pledged to give the couple further support if they need it. He has already donated £100,000 to the GPs, who are both aged 39, in a bid to help them clear their names. The boss of the Virgin empire, who has spoken on the telephone to the McCanns regularly, said he believed the McCanns were innocent and described their experiences as a "grotesque nightmare (...)"

Another invention from Team McCann

Team McCann is working extra time. Now, they say Kate and Gerry have “been banned from appearing on Barbara Walters show, because they would face prosecution in Portugal". Sorry, guys, this time you have no excuse!!!!

You hired the President of the Portuguese Bar, Mr. Rogério Alves and he is part of your legal team. He can explain to you that this is not possible. Just ask him, he knows very well that any formal suspect can talk to the Press and give interviews.

Robert Murat, for example. How many times he talked to Pres and he gave interviewes? Once, when he talked about specific details of the ongoing crime investigation, the Public Prosecutor had to analyse that interview, to see if he breached the Law. He didn't, as there was no charges against him and no prosecution.

Basic and fundamental questionS:




"The parents of a missing British child have been banned from appearing on BARBARA WALTERS' talk show to promote their plight. Gerry and Kate MCCann have been touring the world, appearing on TV to raise awareness of the disappearance of their four year old daughter Madeleine from a holiday resort in Portugal in May (07). Walters invited the couple to appear in an hour-long TV special - but they would face prosecution in Portugal, where they are still officially suspects in the case. According to reports, the MCCanns' legal team is searching for a loophole that would allow them to reach a potential TV audience of tens of millions."

If Madeleine McCann was Black, Would the Media Care?

The Huffington Post: If Madeleine McCann was Black, Would the Media Care?

Madeleine McCann, who you've no doubt heard has been missing over in Europe, is a white British four-year-old whose disappearance has sparked a massive global media focus. Front pages of major magazines, top news stories on television and a hunt that has spanned continents. No matter how awful that is, it is hard to imagine this same scenario playing out if she was not white.

Imagine if the exact same chain of events -- daughter missing on vacation, parents distraught and searching for clues -- happened to a black family. Or Hispanic, Asian, name your race. Would the world be in such an uproar? Would the parents be invited to the Vatican to pray with the Pope, as did the McCann's recently?

Imagine if the genocide in Darfur got the media coverage of Madeleine McCann. Or any one of the thousands of missing children in this country others that are so unfortunate as to be non-white. Now I am not a parent (though I am a new uncle) but I can imagine the grief one would go through having their child go missing.

However, the media focus on this case has grown to a level that is completely out of balance with reality. I'm sure we all agree that solving Madeleine's disappearance would be a positive turn of events.

But until there is some parity in the world's concern about ALL missing children of EVERY race, color and nationality, a case like this only serves to propagate the mistaken stereotype that if you're white, you somehow matter more. And to all the parents of missing non-white children out there, that is a cruel and unnecessary facet of a reality that desperately needs to change.

Robbie Gennet

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Congratulations to “Correio da Manhã” !!!

Three days after we published the story about Police investigations in Spain, with some detail, the Portuguese daily “Correio da Manhã” managed to discover exactly the same story. That's what I call a good journalism. Pity it wasn't before me and my colleague Duarte Levy have published it. Anyway, my congratulations to Henrique Machado, Tânia Laranjo, and a special one to João Saramago.

They performed a hard investigative work, surfing the Net for more than 10 minutos. Special thanks to João Saramago are due to the fact that we worked together, years ago. It' always good to see that a former colleague didn't forget who I am.

Special congratulations to the editor of “Correio da Manhã”, Octávio Ribeiro, whom I know since more than 20 years, when he was just a young man in his 20's (I was a journalist at Rádio Renascença) and none of us imagined that he would be, one day, a journalist.

Paulo Reis

PS – Here are some other breaking news we published and “Correio da Manhã” hasn't yet published. You just have to translate it, guys. And if you don't feel at ease with English, just go to my partner's page, SOS Madeleine, you have it in French, there. Or just look at our page in Portuguese, “Notícias da Europa”.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Seven questions to the President of the Portuguese Bar, Mr. Rogério Alves

Mr. Rogério Alves (*):

1- Can you identify the person, company, institution or organization that is paying your fees or does your contract includes a confidentiality clause that doesn't allow you to reveal any detail about it?

2 – Can you tell how much are you being paid?

3 – Do you agree with Mr. Gerry McCann when he says that “Portuguese policemen are imbeciles”?

4 - Do you agree with Mr. Clarence Mitchell, the Press Officer of your clients, when he says that naming Mr. Gerry MCCann and his wife as formal suspects “is a travesty”?

5 - Do you agree with Mr. Clarence Mitchell, the Press Officer of your clients, when he says that Mr. Gerry MCCann and his wife were victims of a “heinous crime” when they were named formal suspects (“arguidos”)?

6 - Do you agree with Mrs. Kate McCann when she says that "Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us?”

7 - Do you agree with Mrs. Kate McCann when she says that “the Portuguese police are running out of budget for this investigation and want it to end?”

(*) Hired, yesterday, by the McCann, to be part of their defence team of lawyers

Sky News: Madeleine: Was there really an intruder? Or did Madeleine wandered out of the apartment and was taken by somebody?

Sky News Video
Madeleine: Was There Really An Intruder?

Former Scotland Yard detective John O'Connor has been in Portugal trying to pick up clues. He believes Madeleine may have in fact wandered out of the apartment to a nearby supermarket from where she was taken and he thinks she is still close by.

The Scotsman
Gerry McCann 'came close to Madeleine's abductor'

PA Chief Reporter in Praia da Luz
MADELEINE McCANN's father believes he might have come within a few yards of his daughter's abductor when he saw her for the last time, a friend said today. Gerry McCann has become convinced an intruder was already hiding inside the family's holiday flat when he left his meal to go back and check on his children on the night of Madeleine's disappearance (...)
The Telegraph
Madeleine McCann: Gerry certain he was in bedroom with kidnapper
By Caroline Gammell in Praia da Luz
Last Updated: 8:54pm BST 21/09/2007

Gerry McCann is convinced his daughter's kidnapper was hiding behind a door in their holiday apartment as he checked on his sleeping children, according to a friend. The cardiologist saw all three of his offspring – Madeleine, and the twins Sean and Amelie – sleeping peacefully at just after 9pm on the night of her disappearance. But as he turned to leave the ground floor room, he noticed that a door which he thought he had closed earlier was slightly ajar. Agonisingly, he is now sure that standing behind this door was his four-year-old daughter's abductor, waiting to steal her from her bed in the Praia da Luz (...)

From The Times
September 22, 2007

Abduction by a stranger is the most plausible reason for disappearance
David Canter (*)
“(...) It appears that the Portuguese police may have fallen into the trap of having first formed a view of who the guilty party is, then seeking out the evidence to support that conclusion.” (...)In a case such as Madeleine’s disappearance, we should expect professional investigators to pull together systematic accounts of the circumstances of a wide variety of child abductions and see what they can learn from them. It does not seem to me that the Portuguese police have done this. (...)
(*) - David Canter is Professor of Psychology at the University of Liverpool. The second edition of his book, Mapping Murder , will be published by Virgin Books in October.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Daily Mail: 17 years since last abduction on the Algarve, and again the victim was British - but the killer was also British..

Daily Mail: 17 years since last abduction on the Algarve, and again the victim was British - but the killer was also British..

“A British mechanic, Michael Cook from Southend, was jailed for 19 years for her murder after a Portuguese judge dismissed his defence that he only confessed after a severe beating by police”, wrote the Daily Mail, on May 10, 2007. “The last child to be snatched on the Algarve was also a British girl. Nine-year-old Rachel Charles was enticed into a car in November 1990 near Albufeira, 20 miles from where Madeleine vanished.”

But the severe beating by Police, according to the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Mr. Mark Lennox-Boyd, never happened. At least it was what Mr. Mark Lennox-Boyd said, during a debate in the House of Commons, on June 9, 1992

House of Commons Hansard Debates, June 9, 1992

Dr. Robert Spink (Castle Point) :

Rachel, a 9-year-old girl, was murdered by strangulation in a car on the Algarve in Portugal in November 1990. Michael Cook, a friend of Rachel's family, was convicted of the murder in February this year and sentenced to 19 years' imprisonment. He was tried by three local judges without a jury. The House will hear that the conviction is unsafe.
Cook appeared in court, with black eyes and a missing tooth, and he was deeply bruised. It is claimed that Cook was hung from an upstairs window by his feet, that his feet were beaten until he could not stand, that he was tied to a chair and beaten, that he was deprived of sleep, and that a revolver was forced into his mouth and the trigger pulled in a mock execution. Cook's lawyers were said to be pushing for the release of a television video report which allegedly showed police beating Cook. Those lawyers were involved in a tragic accident involving a front tyre blow-out which, incidentally, it is claimed has never been properly investigated by the police. In that untimely accident, Dr. da Silva was killed and Dr. Coelho was severely injured.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Mr. Mark Lennox-Boyd) :

The House will be grateful to my hon. Friend the Member for Castle Point (Dr. Spink) for bringing this important case to its attention. I note the presence of my hon. Friend the Member for Arundel (Sir M. Marshall), who represents his constituent, the mother of Rachel Charles. I should like to outline the action taken by Her Majesty's Government on behalf of Michael Cook and his family since his arrest. On 5 December 1990 the British consulate in Portimao was informed that Michael Cook had been arrested the previous day for the murder of Rachel Charles. The consulate was told that he had confessed and would be taken before a judge on6 December to be formally charged.

The Portimao consul visited him on 6 December. On that occasion he said that he was being well treated and had no complaints. A Portuguese police officer was present throughout that meeting. On 10 December the Portimao consul had a private meeting with Michael Cook. On that occasion Mr. Cook said that he had been beaten twice : once when detained for questioning on 22 November and subsequently after his arrest on 4 December. He said that he had confessed under duress. He claimed to have been beaten on the chest and feet ; this, he said, explained why there were no signs of ill treatment.

On the following day, at the consul's insistence, Michael Cook was asked by the prison staff whether he wished to see a doctor so that a formal complaint about his mistreatment could be made. He declined to do so. Also on 11 December the British consul in Lisbon told Mr. Cook's Portuguese lawyer that the embassy would make a formal complaint if Mr. Cook wished. The offer was not taken up either by the lawyer or by Mr. Cook during subsequent visits by the Portimao consul. Thus, no medical examination to substantiate the allegations or otherwise took place.

From 11 December 1990 to 30 January 1992 when his trial began, Michael Cook was visited seven more times by consular officials. He complained once, in February 1991, of having been threatened verbally by other inmates, but said that the threats had ceased. Twice he complained of suffering from mental stress and three times from ulcer problems. The British consul on those occasions sought and received assurances from the prison governor that Mr. Cook would receive the necessary treatment.
On 19 February Michael Cook's brother, Colin Cook, rang the embassy in Lisbon to say that he had heard that Michael Cook had been stabbed in prison in Faro. The embassy immediately made inquiries. It was assured that Michael Cook had not been stabbed, although he had been involved in an argument over cigarettes with another prisoner. The following day the vice- consul from Lisbon visited Mr. Cook. Although physically all right, he was understandably extremely upset over the trial verdict. The prison governor gave assurances for Mr. Cook's safety. On 4 March 1992, Michael Cook was transferred to Coimbra high security prison, about 110 miles north of Lisbon.

During that month, the consul and vice-consul drew the attention of officials at the Portuguese Ministry ofForeign Affairs to the great degree of British ministerial, official and public concern about Michael Cook's case. On 8 March The Sunday Times published an article reporting that Mr. Cook had been ill treated at the hands of other prisoners. The pro-consul in Lisbon looked into those allegations without delay. He contacted the prison governor on 10 March to register the embassy's concern for Michael Cook's safety and welfare. He was assured that there was no evidence of ill -treatment. Later that day, the vice-consul spoke to Mr. Cook by telephone. Mr. Cook said that one inmate--not a cellmate--had uttered a verbal threat, but that he had not been physically attacked.

He mentioned that he was suffering from a stomach ulcer and had dental problems. In response to this, the vice-consul said that the embassy would write to the prison governor about these problems. A letter was sent on 13 March. On 6 April Coimbra prison confirmed to the embassy that Michael Cook had been given a full-time job in the prison car paint workshop. It also confirmed that he had seen a doctor about his ulcer and had been put on a special diet. He had also seen a dentist.

On 16 April, the consul visited Michael Cook for two hours in a private room. Mr. Cook confirmed that he had gained some weight as a result of his special diet, and did not wish to have any matter raised with the prison authorities. Michael Cook recently told his parents that he had been taken to see a psychiatrist. He was under the impression that the prison was trying to have him committed to a mental home, which would make it even more difficult for him to prove his innocence. Coimbra prison has told the consul that Michael Cook did not in fact see a psychiatrist. He was taken to see a specialist about his stomach ulcer. Unfortunately, it appears that the prison mistakenly translated "specialist" for "psychiatrist" when talking to Mr. Cook. The consul will visit Mr. Cook again on19 June.

I have described the full support given by the consuls in Portimao and Lisbon. Prisoners Abroad, an admirable organisation run by our former colleague in the House, Keith Best, has been in regular contact with Michael Cook and is giving him full support. I know that Michael Cook, his family and others believe that there has been a miscarriage of justice. I can well understand their concern, but, whatever we may think, it would be wrong for me to express an opinion on the conduct of the trial while an appeal is pending.

If the lawyers believe that the case has not been dealt with in accordance with Portuguese law, it is their responsibility to take appropriate steps. Portuguese law provides for this and, indeed, the lawyers have submitted an appeal on Michael Cook's behalf. They have told the British embassy that the Portuguese Supreme Court has accepted the appeal and that, in their view, the appeal process is proceeding satisfactorily.

On 19 February Colin Cook complained to the British consul in Lisbon that the trial violated article 6 of the European convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. On examination, he agreed that the European convention can be brought into play only when all local remedies have been exhausted. We are keeping in close touch with Mr. Cook's lawyers and the Portuguese authorities. We are asking them to do what they can to ensure that Michael Cook's appeal is heard by the supreme court with the minimum delay. Our ambassador in Lisbon wrote to the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 3 June to press this point, and I will be in touch with my hon. Friend as soon as I have a reply.

I fully appreciate my hon. Friend's concern about this case, but I hope that he will understand from what I have said that we cannot intervene until the Portuguese legal process has taken its course. Until then we shall, through our consular officials, continue to visit Mr. Cook regularly and to offer him and his family all the support that we properly can. I shall continue to keep my hon. Friend fully informed.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Mark Williams-Thomas, director of a PR company, confirms business links with McCann family and later denies it

One of the most well known faces for the viewers of Sky News, the former Hampshire CID officer Mark Williams-Thomas, is also managing director of WT Associates, a company that offers, among many other services, media handling and advice for high profile cases and “design or review organisations media crisis policy”. Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas has been one of the most violent critics of the Portuguese Police investigation of Madeleine McCann's case.

We emailed WT Associates and asked if the company “has or had any contract with Mr.Gerry McCann, or with a relative of Mr. Gerry McCann, or with any Public Relations or Media company that has any relation with Mr. Gerry McCann or any relative of Mr. Gerry McCann.” The first answer was short and clear: “Yes we have. What is it you are after?”, was the reply, from a company's email, with no name or identification of the author, but sent from a Blueberry.

When we asked to confirm two details we already had – the contract was to provide media handling and advice for high profile cases, since the middle of May – the following answer was the opposite of the first: ““We are not providing any media support to the mc cann familly. But I have been in contact with the press officers for the family. I am unclear what you are after?”

A third attempt to clarify things got a reply that seemed more an order: “Call me. 07734 4XXXXX”, always whitout identifyng the person that was sending the emails or “asking” to be called on the phone. We send a text message, with our contacts and we are waiting for whoever sent the emails, from WT Associates, to call. We emailed also Sky News, asking it they were aware of the business quality of Mr Mark Williams-Thomas, whyle they invited him in to give opinion about Madeleine McCan's case, presenting him as a "child protection expert" or a "crime expert".

Mark Williams-ThomasProfile
His expertise includes in particular risk management and assessment of offenders - he has most recently been seen providing expert commentary on Sky News from Portugal about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - and he now owns his own Child Protection and Risk Management Consultancy - WT Associates Ltd. Prior to setting up WT Associates in 2005, Mark was a police Detective specialising in major crime. He worked on or was in charge of some of the largest paedophile and murder investigations in the country, as well as being one of only 10 specialist Family Liaison officers during his time in the police. Mark is also completing a Masters in Criminology at the University of Central England.

Duarte Levy, in Rothley and Paulo Reis, in Málaga

UPDATE: On September 18, at 13h13, Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas sent me an email, with the following statement:

"There are no conflicts of interest. WT Associates has no business connections with the Mc Cann family and Mark Williams-Thomas provides his comments completely as an individual with no bias."

New PR manager in action: McCann launch advertisement campaign to look for Madeleine

Charles Lewington, managing director from Hanover

(to be continued)

Sky News Crime Expert is director of a company for media handling and advice for high profile cases

One of the most well known faces for the viewers of Sky News, the former Hampshire CID officer Mark Williams-Thomas, is also managing director of WT Associates, a company that offers, among many other services, media handling and advice for high profile cases and “design or review organisations media crisis policy”. Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas has been one of the most violent critics of the Portuguese Police investigation of Madeleine McCann's case.